Toronto Based Startup Slyce Transforms Shopping with Image Recognition Technology

October 22, 2015 at 1:08 pm
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Image recognition technology is used to identify almost any object, including people, buildings, places, or company logos. Smartphones and other devices that are capable of taking photos have made this technology ideal for consumer use. Logos, cars, landmarks, and other objects can all be identified by smartphones and other handheld devices. Image recognition technology makes it possible to change the way that consumers shop in the future.

Image recognition has dozens of consumer use. This technology can be used to originate a search using a search engine. Image recognition can be used to educate consumers, as well. For instance, they could snap a picture of a home improvement project, such as repairing a broken toilet. Then, they could be provided with repair guidance and videos. In addition, they can find a list of items that they need to make the repair, and interactive store maps help them find what they need. This is all possible with product recognition technology.

In addition to its usefulness in home improvement, image recognition can also be used in other ways. Consumers can use image recognition to purchase items right from online images. They can search for, find, and purchase absolutely anything that they can take a picture of. Purchasing an item using image recognition technology is as easy as taking a photo with a smartphone.

Slyce is a Toronto based company that has quickly become a leader in image recognition technology. Slyce is the prime visual search provider for consumer brands and retailers. Slyce’s team of knowledgeable professionals, coupled with their leading edge technology, is changing internet use and trade. Slyce has developed novel, revolutionary ways to engage customers. Slyce’s technology allows customers to locate and purchase almost anything that they can view and touch. Slyce offers many benefits over its competitors, such as the capability to identify three-dimensional objects. Customers can use Slyce’s unique visual product search program to find and acquire their favorite products.

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