The Pope Says Weapons Manufacturers Shouldn’t Be Called Christians

June 23, 2015 at 3:40 pm
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Weapon Manufacturers Are Hypocrites Not Christians According To Pope Francis

Pope Francis has a lot to say about the issues that face the world. Brad Reifler knows that the Pope believes it is his calling to speak out about the issues causing destruction and chaos in the world. His latest speech was about war and weapons. Thousands of followers heard the Pope blast the weapons industry for producing firearms that are used to kill millions of people past and present, recently. According to Pope Francis anyone involved in the weapons business is a hypocrite.

The Pope has a point. It’s the people behind the weapons that are the cause. The people that design weapons, and the people that manufacture them are culpably too. It’s the people that buy and sell them as well as the people that use them that create the mayhem. Weapons without people cause no harm. But do we need weapons in the first place? The answer is written in our DNA. We believe we need weapons to fight evil and wrong. That message is written in the history books as well as the Bible. We are conditioned to believe in warfare. We think warfare is a solution, but it’s only causes more warfare.

War and weapons define us as a culture, race and country. We honor that definition. The Pope believes we honor the wrong thing, and he’s right.

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