The Influence of Charles Koch

February 10, 2016 at 8:22 pm
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The Koch brothers are a powerful force that has both power and prestige in the business industry as well as in politics. The Koch brothers are proud owners and entrepreneurs that have expanded their business of Koch Industry into a billion dollar company that has enabled them to have powerful connections. The Koch brothers are most notable for their ties with the presidential elections are they are known to raise money and fund particular candidates that support their interest in promoting the free market.

Recently, Charles Koch sat down in a rare interview to discuss his plans for the future. Mr. Koch explained that his intentions are to financially fund a 2016 political candidate despite his current dismay with the selection. Above all, Mr. Koch disproves of Ted Cruz as well as Donald Trump for their politics on foreign policy, trade, as well as taxing. Mr. Koch believes that with Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz’s potential policies, this defeats the purpose of a free market or a free state. Mr. Koch believes that freedom is not freedom if one has to register with their religion.

The Koch brothers’ support of the Republican candidates can be noted in the 2012 election when Charles and his brother David raised $400 million in funds to support Mitt Romney who was running for president. Though Mr. Romney did not win, the Koch brothers decided to raise even more funds for the 2016 election. Charles and David Koch has already raised over $900 million.

The current use of these funds is being put towards discrediting presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Mr. Koch has decided to use the funds to highlight Mr. Trump’s bankruptcy as well as his shady business deals. This use of his funds is currently in line with the intentions of the Democratic party.

Charles Koch has made many political connections and endeavors for two purposes. The first purpose is the expand his family business even further while the next goal is to promote the free market. Mr. Koch is a firm believer in the free market with limited government intervention. This is the reason behind Mr. Koch’s millions of dollars of donations to free market institutions such as George Mason University as well as various think tanks. Mr. Koch, who is against government interventions, has defined himself as a classical liberal who believes in the free market with limited government intervention implemented within the United States.

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