Sergio Cortes Performs as a Tribute to Michael

February 2, 2016 at 11:20 pm
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A recent online article had Michael Jackson fans raving about the amazing performances given by Sergio Cortes. The article, found on Dino, quotes one pop star fan who says the new pop sensation has more than 16,000 people who regularly follow him online. These loyal fans follow Sergio for a good reason. He is by far the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonator around. In response to his loyal fan base, Sergio says his performances are an expression of his passion for the late pop singer, and he sees them as a tribute to Michael’s highly successful career.

A Natural Substitute

One reason Mr. Cortes has been so widely received among fans is because of his remarkable resemblance to Michael. Michael Jackson had already begun his career with his brothers, when Sergio was born in 1971. The growing success Michael had as a solo artist made him internationally famous, which contributed significantly to the growing recognition Sergio received as a teen. The pivotal point in Sergio’s career came when a journalist noticed his amazing resemblance to the famous pop singer. The journalist invited Sergio to a photo shoot where he was dressed as Michael Jackson. The photos were published and Sergio became an instant hit.

The unbelievable resemblance Sergio Cortes has to the late Michael Jackson can be seen in the array of full color photos on News Press Release’s website. The site also features a short commentary about the current success of this highly sought after MJ impersonator. After his career as simply a look-alike to Michael Jackson, Cortes decided to embrace his recognition by recreating the live performances that made Michael famous. Today Sergio Cortes has a full blown career as a Michael Jackson impersonator, where he dresses, sings and dances just like the late superstar. Mr. Cortes is now professionally managed by an entertainment company called Destiny Projects.

In addition to the fan base Sergio has on Facebook, people can also follow him via his page on Twitter. Most of the responses Mr. Cortes receives are those from fans who find comfort in the performances he provides. Sergio’s dedication to his craft has allowed him to bring all of the energy Michael had in his performances, back to life.

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