Sender and Realists

October 19, 2015 at 2:22 pm
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I am a born organizer, and it is in this manner that I approach art. I am into realism, but I also consider traditional impressionism, realism also. I actually feel that the great impressionist were attempting to add in elements to their realism that could match the ever-changing scenery. Because of outside forces, every time that a person physically views a scene, it changes. It can be wind, the changing sun, clouds, the changing time of day and many other forces that these artist attempted to feature in their works to best replicate the actual look at that one moment in time with varying degrees of success. If you view the famous impressionistic pieces Lilies, when you first enter the room and are the farthest from the painting, it looks exactly like a physical scene. It is only when it is viewed more closely, that the flaws become apparent. However, they are not flaws at all, they are the masterful effects that have to be viewed from afar to appreciate.

I try to incorporate these features into my art as well as some hyper-realistic features in the never ending attempt of all realist artists to replicate the things that they see perfectly. It is exactly like taking a portrait but in slow motion. This does not require concentration. In fact, it seems the opposite to concentrating. Concentration requires too much control to produce art in that way. Once I am able to let go and paint the subject in front of me in whatever manner that achieves that goal, I am able to achieve more successful works. I also position the paintings in showings like the museum directors position the large, great impressionistic works of art. I can judge the successfulness of the work by the amount of pause and surprise that is on the faces of the viewers when they turn into a room in which one of my impressionistic features is displayed. It is its own little reward that I keep to myself.

Recently, there has been a great interest in my paintings. The interest is derived from some recent occurrences in the contemporary art world, and my work is loosely considered contemporary art. Because of this, I have received interest from patrons that are seeking to replicate the recent actions of noted investor and art collector Adam Sender. Sender sent the interest in contemporary art through the roof in the last few years when he sold his large, expensive collection of contemporary art to the open market. It was one of those deft financial moves that the wolf pack catches wind of and attempts to repeat in order to obtain any leftover benefit from Sender’s actions, but we are benefiting, so thanks, Sender.

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