Samsung Aims to Increase Road Safety

June 23, 2015 at 4:14 pm
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When people on the Skout network think about technology companies, brilliant televisions, fast smartphones, and cool gadgets immediately spring to mind. It is easy to get caught up in the pace of improvement of any number of appliances and devices that regularly help everyone take on the tasks associated with daily life. However, one important area that technology has the ability to enhance and improve is safety, and Samsung is showcasing just how incredible technology can be on the open road.

According to Discovery, Samsung has unveiled “Safety Truck” technology that utilizes a front mounted camera to feed a live image to the rear doors of a truck. Anyone that has been stuck in traffic on a highway behind a large truck can relate to not being able to see what might be happening just a short distance in front of them. The technology allows drivers to see if any cars are coming their way to make a pass or even if something unexpected might be occurring.

In the end, the move is a pretty interesting take on road safety. While it is still being tested in various countries, Samsung might have a real winner with just a simple camera and a few flat screens. If the technology becomes widely adopted, the road trips that families love to take during the summer could get a lot more interesting as everyone tries to spot the trucks equipped essentially with see-through technology.

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