Product Recognition Technology For Smarter Shopping, Instant Matches

July 10, 2015 at 12:44 pm
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Online shopping isn’t as formal and spiritless as it seemed some years ago. Technology developments such as visual search have stepped things up a bit for shoppers. It’s a mere convenience that’s becoming a growing trend in today’s volatile web shopping marketplace. Visual search technology equips a shopper with cutting-edge solutions to snapshot an item and discover it online immediately. The reality of this extraordinary science is that searches don’t have to involve the constant stress and pensive scrutiny. Slyce, a premier product recognition developer has already invaded North America specializing in brand sponsorship and retail. The series of products they’ve introduced uses a sophisticated visual recognition technology that streams already processed images and matches it online. The admirable fact of Using Slyce is that it maps image and products accurately. Of course, it has competition, but Slyce uses intricate technology that guarantees correct searches every time.

Just the thought of getting the exact item snapped from the display window of a designer outlet offset evoking thoughts of gratitude. It’s unlikely for a visual search app to match an item incorrectly, but it happens. Fortunately, some technologies are properly configured to generate accurate matches consistently. It’s not limited to capturing a snapshot of items on a store display. If someone has on a really lovable jacket or coat that’s a rare find, take a snapshot and discover it right away. With numerous apps promising exact matches of a captured images, a shopper is likely to become confused. Visual image recognition review websites is a lucrative source to research the best technologies out there.

Companies such as Slyce aren’t just about assumptions. They’ve got concrete evidence of success that seems their product trial worthy and agreeable for consumers. With software mimicking the complex science of the cortex in humans through artificial intelligence. Visual search technology uses sophisticated algorithms to recognize and interpret images similar to the brain. Retailers nationwide are launching their signature version of the technology to encourage shoppers to convert. In the complex world of retail and fashion, visual image recognition has vast potential. With mobile technology being in constant use of everyday shopping and happenings, retailers are eager to have their inventories discovered. Visual search technology promises greater exposure and increases customer loyalty without bombarding consumer privacy.

It’s becoming a popular grocery shopping tool as well, “visual search” that is. The vast retailer population are considering the fast evolving visual recognition approach to increasing sales and boost exposure. For some, they’re reaching avenues, particularly consumers that wouldn’t avail their services before. With social media shares, a single snapshot has the potential to go viral within minutes of capture. It’s obvious, consumers won’t need multiple visual search apps. Visual product search is street legal and promises memorable shopping experiences.

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