Premium Pet Food Wins The Health Blue Ribbon

January 5, 2016 at 4:30 am
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Pet food and its popularity has risen but the focus of attention of pet parents isn’t what it used to be – it is no longer just a basic that pets eat but pet parents have started focussing on the nutrition of it all as well. Recently, companies like Beneful (Purina) and Freshpet Inc. have completely revolutionized the way people think about healthy dog food – these brands are making sure that this food is as fresh as non-home cooked food can be by eliminating the time between packaging and consumption, reports Daily Herald. Nestle’s Purina with its Beneful dog food brand is one of the most popular names out there because the brand allows pet parents to customize the meals of their dogs. This is especially important for dogs that are picky eaters and don’t like their healthy veggies. Because Purina store understands the science behind dog food, they make sure that nutrition is buried under delicious smelling food since smell is the most important sense used by dogs to decide whether they like their meal or not. They have a wide range of fresh flavors as well like salmon, chicken, beef, lamb, and so on. Freshpet Inc., meanwhile, offers refrigerated food to pets. This ensures that the food is as fresh as possible. For pets with a more sophisticated taste palate that leans towards Lasagna and Beef Stroganoff, Cesar Home Delights is a great brand to go for. Pet parents who want to feed jerky to their pets because their furry friends like it so much but can’t due to the health risk associated with those foods can look towards Milo’s Kitchen where treats are available in interesting flavors like duck jerky and beef burger. Pet parents who wish to put their pets on a Paleo diet like the rest of the family can choose Vital Raw. Overall, for people who are looking for affordability, Beneful and Purina are the best options. New brands are constantly making a mark on the market and pet parents are gravitating towards this new wave of pet food where health is as important as taste, and no compromises need to be made.

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