New Google Glass Coming

April 27, 2015 at 8:16 pm
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Google Glass came out as more of an experiment a few years ago and only was released to a select few individuals. Google used it more of a way to test the product than to actually provide a large mass product launch. However, the product did offer up a new device that could potentially prove to be one of the most beneficial electronic devices worn by a person. Luxottica, the company that produces Oakley and Ray-Ban recently said it and Google would be releasing new options of the glasses soon.

Paul Mathieson explains the significance of Google Glass would basically render any sort of smart watch useless. Smart watches, such as the newly released Apple Watch, are designed essentially as shortcuts to the phone, for people who do not want to take the time to pull their phone from their pockets (the Apple Watch needs to be paired with an iPhone almost at all times to perform most of its tasks). However, the Google Glass and other future pairs of smart glasses will take the place of phones and watches, eventually.

With the glasses, it is possible to receive augmented information while performing daily tasks. From the weather display through the small HUD all the way to having a phone conversation without talking into a wrist to being given directions that project directly in front of someone, once the technology irons itself out such a device will take over the market.

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