Mark Ahn: An Entrepreneur With A Vision

February 6, 2015 at 8:57 pm
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Mark Ahn: An Entrepreneur With A Vision


Mark J. Ahn is a man of integrity, grit, passion, intelligence and brilliance that plans to change the medical industry as we know it. Ahn, a Principal at Pukana Partners, is among a board of experts who devote their time consulting biotechnology startups for faster growth, expansion and impact. The biotechnology is a field that is often surrounded by hype and speculation among the general public.

It’s individuals like Mark who try to navigate the ‘ship’ against the naysayers and doubts. One of his mentors and friends, Joshua Boger – CEO of Vertex, told Ahn “Follow your own business plan. Don’t follow the winds that blow back and forth. You can’t be successful by following the trends of the moment, especially if your business has a relatively long product cycle, as yours does.”

Entrepreneurship and investing are brave skills harnessed by those that are courageous enough to brave the sea of failure. The journey is scattered with the remains of others who have tried and failed before you. Those that reach their destination are the ones who persist in the face of despair and setback. The rare breed who learn from their mistakes and create a new voyage on their new found knowledge.

Academic & Author

Mark Ahn earned his PhD in Business Administration at the University of South Australia in December of 1999. During this time Ahn worked at Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company and focused his efforts towards management, sales, business development and marketing. In late 2001 he went on to earn a Vice President spot as the Hematology and Corporate Officer at Genentech. He held this position until 2003 when he decided to branch out on his own and become the Founder, President and CEO of Hana Biopharmaceuticals. This position was held until 2007 before he felt it was time to move forward with his goals.

Ahn’s journey then took him through multiple Chairman, Director and President titles until finally landing at Pukana. His serial entrepreneurship gives him an extensive database of experience in which to use in his business endeavors at the company.

Mark has authored over 50 peer reviewed articles, books and research papers in his time as a professional. It’s comes as no shock that a man who has experienced so much in his life has a lot to say.

“A life worth living is a life worth recording!” -Tony Robbins

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