Marcio Alaor BMG Analyzes the Resilience of the Australian Economy.

January 22, 2016 at 10:08 am
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Economists possess the ability to anticipate, predict and analyze global economic trends. Marcio Alaor is one of the most famous economists in Brazil today. Most developed and developing nations are still fighting to recover from the 2008 financial crisis that left many industries on the brink of collapse.


Marcio takes note of the fact that even in 2015; many economies were still shaking off the effects. One economy stands out, though, with impressive growth numbers, unlike its peers. This economy is that of an isolated Australian country and has attracted the attention of economists and investors with its growth potential.


In 2015, Australia reported economic growth figures of 2.5%. Amazingly, this number represents the third quarter of the year only. Indeed, the Aussie economy did not experience a recession in over two decades ago when a massive recession-ravaged global economies. Back then, international exchanges had collapsed instantaneously leading to market volatility.


Marcio Alaor notes that even the last time Australia was affected by economic instability, the country still navigated its way out through regulation of interest rates and inflation control. The economy has adapted and continues to experience growth when the rest of the world is sinking in the economic sand.


Australia’s economy benefits from being a net exporter of goods to worldwide markets. Most of these goods are agricultural and raw material in nature. Goods such as Iron and Aluminum possess substantial demand globally while agricultural commodities like Soya beans attract many buyers. With so many products to offer, goods from Australia find ready markets in busting economies like in China and therefore enjoying a favorable balance of trade.


During the global financial crisis, Australia demonstrated its internal resistance to collapse unlike a host of developing and developed nations. The Brazilian economy could borrow big lessons from their Australian counterparts when it comes to stimulating economic growth. In Marcio’s view, these two countries share similar values especially climate and tendency to export agricultural goods and minerals.


One of the biggest lessons learned is the need to exempt small business enterprises from paying taxes so that they can blossom during economic instability. The real estate and infrastructure development areas also receive government support so as to create employment. Marcio Alaor also lauds the sobriety exhibited by Australia’s Finance ministers over the years. The current minister has won global recognition for his formulation and implementations of fiscal policies to protect SME’s and create employment.


Marcio Alaor is the current vice-president of Banco Bmg, the leading payroll loan provider in Brazil. Just like the Australian economy, Banco Bomb has shown high growth capacity over the last fifteen years. Marcio is a revered economist, and social entrepreneur who hails from the San Antonio do Monte area in Brazil.

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