Koch Disappointed by Republican Candidates

January 18, 2016 at 10:03 pm
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Charles Koch is one of the leaders in the business with a net worth of near $40 billion. He made the majority of his money from his business, Koch Industries, which he co-owns with his brother David. The company produces lots of different brands including Stainmaster carpet, Lycra, and Quilted Northern to name a few.

While Charles Koch is well known for the billions he’s amassed in the business world, he’s also a key player when it comes to politics. In a recent interview, Koch noted that the candidates for the Republican ticket are disappointing. He recently gave an interview where he addressed how he was vilified by both mainstream media as well as the Democrats after categorizing himself as a classical liberal, comparing himself to 19th century British politician William Gladstone. Koch didn’t hide his feelings about the current Republican candidates, saying that he found the selection disappointing, but still planned to spend around $900 million during the campaign season and would eventually choose a candidate to endorse.
He went on to discuss how difficult it was for him to work up any enthusiasm because the things he firmly believes the country really needs are not being addressed by any candidates. He criticized Trump’s plan to have Muslims register with the government, stating it would destroy the USA’s free society.
He found difficulty siding with the other leading Republican candidate, Ted Cruz, because Koch feels like the constant war with Iraq and Afghanistan has not made the world a safer place, in fact he feels it has actually done the opposite. Candidate Cruz has stated he would bomb these countries to defeat ISIS should he win the nomination.
In the hopes of getting what Koch considers to be key issues addressed, he has sent a list of his important issues to all the candidates, even those who have voiced opposing viewpoints. So far, he hasn’t seen any changes. Considering his vast amount of financial power, it’s surprising that he doesn’t have more influence.
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