Here Comes FreedomPop

January 26, 2015 at 8:06 pm
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FreedomPop in itself is a rare bird that came to life in 2011 by Stephen Stokols. According to Facebook, the company (based in Los Angeles, California) provides free wireless internet and mobile phone service. FreedomPop also sells broadband devices, as well as, mobile phones, tablets along with their service. If you want to keep your phone and just switch from your current carrier to FreedomPop- they also allow that, promising you savings of upwards of $1000.

FreedomPop partnered with Sprint in 2013 in order to sell 3G and 4G devices. This past spring, April 2014 they started carrying the iPhone and a month later, the LTE Android smartphones. Quickly progressing with the times, in July, Freedom expanded its 4G data, text and voice plans to tablets as well.

Even more recently, in October 2014 FreedomPop came out with their very own low- cost line of smart phones and tablets. A month later, November 2014- FreedomPop now offers free international calling in over 30 countries, it’s available via their app for Android and iOS.

While FreedomPop offers these free services, they have been very successful in turning many of their free clients into paying users due to their low cost plans. With the low costs of the plans anyone might wonder how the company makes any money at all. Like any good company, they have found ways to still get paid. FreedomPop sells add on services, such as additional data and faster connection speeds.

It has been rumored that Sprint corporation has been in talks of buying FreedomPop- this acquisition will lead to many big things and now might just be the best time to get on board with FreedomPop.

Try out the app today through either Apple’s iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

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