Helane Morrison and Hall Capital Inspires Integrity

January 6, 2016 at 5:24 pm
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If there is anything that is needed in the corporate world, it is integrity. There are far too many corporations that are operating in a dishonest and low fashion. Fortunately, there are companies and people that are working to bring forth a better culture of integrity and honesty. Hall Capital is one of the companies that are working very hard to bring forth a more straight forward and honorable culture for people of all walks of life. Hall Capital has grown to be one of the most successful Bay Area money managers. The methods of this company is bringing forth some strong returns. 

Perhaps at the heart of these strong steps is Helane Morrison. She is one of the most honest and trustworthy workers in her industry. Her work experience includes her stint as a lawyer for three years. She was also the director of the enforcement program ran by the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco before leaving her post for her current position at Hall Capital. She has pushed an aggressive agenda for her office as an administrator. Morrison has recently been promoted as the district chief. This makes her the first woman to ever work in this position. In this position, she handles the examination programs and the enforcement programs. 

She has been involved in many investigations that involved many different cases. One lawsuit involved actions against New York Republic Securities. Among the lawsuits she was involved with were cases where she was defending clients against lawsuits being brought forth by customers. In many cases, customers will find a problem that is big enough to bring to the courts. Helane Morrison works very well to represent all the clients she’s represented throughout her career. She was very effective in how she represented her customers. She has made sure that the truth about the case was revealed and that everyone gets their justice.

Helane Morrison is one of those professionals that are working very hard to bring accountability to businesses and all of her clients. Ethics are pretty much in danger these days. Helane is one of many people that are working to preserve it. Ethics are very important for society. When businesses abandon ethics, this can result in things falling into chaos. So it is important for Morrison and others to be able to encourage and enforce the rules for the protection of all parties involved in the business. Helanie herself not only upholds the rules of ethics, she shows herself to be an example of such.



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