George Soros and Philip Diehl Agree In Future Of Economy Using Gold Coins

February 8, 2016 at 5:52 pm
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Back in times of the bible, gold and silver were the way to pay for goods and services. Gold and silver were also things that people held on to and they were in use in worship. One thing is for sure, gold and silver do hold their value very well. The early settlers and treasure hunters spent many hot and long hours, out in the deserts in search of these precious metals. They took their picks and tools out to the tunnels to dig for any sign of yellow money. Gold and silver savings is smart because they will always be around. Turning your old jewelry into gold bars is a smart way to save for the future. We are already seeing how expensive pennies and nickels are to produce and keep in circulation. What makes us believe that coins will always be around? Coins and dollar bills are close to extinction now. People are using plastic to take care of their finances. It is so much easier to use plastic than to keep up with a pocket full of change.

According to the epodcastnetwork, Diehl believes owning gold is smart. During the podcast, President Philip Diehl spoke about the money reserve and how he became part of this program. He gave the history of his job with the U.S. Mint and how he became Director of the U.S. Mint by President Bill Clinton. One of Diehl accomplishments during the time he worked for the mint was the production of the quarters of the 50 states. This program and others helped him to increase the profits of the mint to over 2.5 billion.
Gold coins, according to prnewswire, are the way to save money for the future. The world economy and job security are promising good things for the gold coin in the future. The way the dollar is evaluated is also affecting the price of gold. Gold and silver coins, from the US Government Mint, will continue to increase in value. Purchasing Gold coins, according to Diehl, is the smart way to save. Soros agrees also that we need to begin to look at the ways we can improve our economy. George Soros spoke about the economy and its potential for improvement in coming years. Owning Gold can only help the United States hold on to its net worth.

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