Flipora and the Search for Amazing Content

October 26, 2015 at 10:08 pm
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Social media sites are more than just something enjoyed by tech lovers. Social media sites have risen to an important level in society. As a communications tool, social media allows people to remain in the communications loop 24/7. Anytime someone wishes to learn about what another person is up to, visiting a social media page reveals all.

Not all social media profiles are designed just to provide basic personal information about what someone is doing. A social media platform may also be a great way to deliver promotional content. An entrepreneur or small business owner could publish a lot of original “notes” on a social media platform for the purpose of informational or attraction marketing. Large corporations could opt to do this as well.

And then there are those persons who just love to sing their muse. An author who likes to write engaging non-fiction and publish it on a social media site may be providing an outstanding source of interesting, engaging, and free content.

A solid social media app could help those looking to find new and interesting content do so without any hassles. Flipora has created an app that helps with this cause. Through Flipora, the artificial intelligence powered Discovery Engine helps people locate new and fresh content that has been published on social media.

Flipora has raised $1.5 in venture capital to launch the app that would be compatible with Android and iOS devices. At present, the company’s search engine has proven to be very popular. Millions of people use non-mobile internet net service to access the Discovery Engine every month. Once the service expands to mobile devices via the new app, that number is sure to grow exponentially. In certain parts of the world, the bulk of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Again, the potential for the Discovery Engine to turn Flipora into a social media titan exists once the app becomes well-established.

Reading new and interesting content does help people learn about a host of different topics. The information may focus on current news or the items may be pop culture in nature. Regardless of what the topics may be, being able to find interesting and informative content without much work is going to be a plus. A social media app that makes all this possible is definitely going to be well-received.

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