Find Any Product With A Visual Search

April 16, 2015 at 3:23 pm
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It may not be easy to tell what kind of product you’re looking at, if you are far away from the person holding it, but once you get up close, maybe you get a better idea of what you’re seeing. Many people will see a product of some kind, and it may catch their eye, and it then becomes an obsession of theirs. If you’ve ever seen a product that you felt the need to have, maybe you took a picture of it, and decided that you wanted to look for the product, and see where you could purchase it for yourself.

After searching for the product everywhere, you never came across it, and it may have slipped your mind. Many of us are visual creatures, and we tend to store things in our minds, after we see it in person, on TV, or in an advertisement. Although some people don’t think to take a picture of the item, in order to search for it, it’s best to know, that this is the best way to find the item you’re looking for. With visual search technology, it’s possible to find the exact product you’re looking for, without the embarrassment of having to question the owner of the item.

Those who are fashionable, may know many of the clothes, shoes, purses and other items that they may see other people carrying, or wearing on the road, but what about when you see that one of a kind item, which you’ve never seen before? If you’re bold enough, more than likely, you’ll walk up to the person, and ask what product they have, where they got it from, and maybe even ask how much they paid for it. Those who have great technology, will quickly and secretly, snap a picture of the product, and use a visual search, in order to determine what the product is.

A visual search can bring back information that’s absolutely incredible, and just by analyzing the picture alone, it can determine who the creator of the product is, the name brand, where to find the product, and in certain cases, the price of the product may be visible as well. It’s even possible to use this same type of technology, in order to purchase the product, which you’ve just seen someone holding in their hands, but maybe you didn’t know what the product was. Visual searches are truly amazing.

Slyce is the leader when it comes to product recognition, which is also known as a visual search. Slyce’s technologies, have made it possible for many companies to integrate the technology with their apps, in order to help their customers find a product in their store, just by taking a simple picture. Not only can the product be found through a visual search, it can also be purchased, right through the app, saving the customer time and effort, from going into the store. Slyce has some amazing technologies, which benefits companies that sell products, as well as retail shoppers.

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