Chipotle Removes GMOs From Food

April 29, 2015 at 9:30 pm
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Chipotle lovers listen up, this article is for you. Do you remember when the initial calorie counts in Chipotle burritos were made public? I remember when a little piece of me died that day. The ingredients seem so fresh; there is no way that burrito is 1,200 calories.

While many found the news quite devastating, that didn’t deter Chipotle lovers from still indulging in menu items. Speaking for myself, I eat Chipotle a lot. Unfortunately it’s strictly salads for me. As much as I want a Bulletproof Coffee, I no longer partake.

The popular casual dining chain has recently announced some news that may be reputation redeeming. Chipotle has vowed to no longer serve genetically altered food. With the reduction of GMO’s in the food, Chipotle hopes this is a move to a healthier direction for the company. Founder Steve Ells acknowledges that the GMO’s should’ve been removed from the food a long time ago. However he believes this is the first step in changing how people consider their food.

Ells has found refuge in maintaining the food quality of the Chipotle brand. He is continually looking for ways to improve and believes just because people want to eat fast food it doesn’t mean it has to be bad food. The removal of GMO’s in the food means less exposure to harmful ingredients for us. Hats off to Chipotle for looking after our well-being.

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