Brushing Your Teeth Is Simple, but That Doesn’t Mean You Do It Right

March 27, 2015 at 6:45 pm
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One of the major barriers to learning is not realizing that there is something to be learned about a given subject. Many of us form ideas about how things are done when we are young and then assume we know about that particular subject, and as a result, we do not look into it any further or believe there is anything more to be learned about it. Let’s take brushing our teeth as just one example.

Most of us started brushing our teeth one particular way and assume this is just how it’s done and that there is nothing more to know about it. Folks at Imaging Advantage know that there are, however, best practices, both in terms of technique and timing, when it comes to brushing our teeth. A recent article in Prevention gives us all some important tips about brushing correctly. For starters, many of us exercise poor timing when brushing. We may brush our teeth late at night but then have a snack right before our head hits the pillow. That food will then be in our teeth all night, so it is important that our toothbrush is the last thing that touches our teeth before going to bed. You also may not be using the right kind of toothbrush or replacing it often enough or using proper technique. We should all periodically examine the things we think we ‘know’ and make sure that there is not something there to learn.

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