A Silver Lining Predicted for 2016 Stock Market

January 18, 2016 at 8:09 pm
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The Capital Gains
The 2015 stock market did end in the same place that it had started. This did display a flat line capital that has seen an overall shift within investor psychology. This is the flat line capital performance gains that has shown the silver lining for the year of 2016.

A Recovery in the Stock Market
The beginning of 2015 was caused by investor complacency, optimism, and good fundamentals. When the fundamental worries and concerns had the built up, the attitude cracked. This lead to a turnabout that went straight to investor skepticism. This had also incorporated risk focus. There was a remaining doom and gloom attitude. The lows that had been experienced from August to October did not enforce investor confidence. The fear measurement indicator rose due to the prices of oil. The subsequent recovery that had occurred did not build-up confidence for the investor.

Support for the Silver Lining
There were numerous chances that were available to leave the stocks to drop further. It ought to be known that buying activity had been active. This is the silver lining because it was the stocks that were actively being supported. When the market produces positive returns, there will be a solid improvement within attitudes.

The Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management
James Dondero is the President and the Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim does offer his solid and remarkable experience within the equity and the credit markets. It is noteworthy to make mention of the fact that Highland Capital is known for being a pioneer. This is in the development of their credit oriented solutions. This does include award winning products and offerings. Jim was apart of this since the starting point in the year 1993.

Located in Dallas, Texas
James Dondero, also known as Jim, previously held the following positions:
* Chief Investment Officer
* Corporate Bond Analyst
* Portfolio Manager

Jim has a long and highly impressive career that clearly shows that he is one highly knowledgeable individual who places a high value on integrity. Financial knowledge from a man with credentials can easily be seen in Mr. Donder.

This information has originally been posted on Forbes Investing.

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